Welcome to my new online page. I have gathered information to help you on your fitness journey and hopefully to bring some answers and to guide you with information, tips and suggestions.

Being fit and healthy is not just about looking fit and in shape, it is way more than that, and your health, more than anything, has got to be your priority #1. But because it can be all a bit too confusing, I have put the information into categories, so it is all easily accessible and easy to search. I have written down basics about nutrition, where you can read what foods you should be eating and how they impact and improve your health and how your body needs them according to your lifestyle and activities.

This webpage and its content is aimed mostly for people who are looking to get fit and/or lose weight, people who want to improve their general fitness and those who practice endurance sports. The information in the training and nutrition sections will be relevant if you fall into those categories. For the rest of you, obviously you can have a read through, but most of the information will not be relevant and suitable to your goals and aspirations. Please do not take offense,  but if you are a body builder, the stuff on here is going to be pretty useless to you (unless you like my writing style and you have run out of bedtime books to read).

If you want to find out more about me and what I do as a PT, there is plenty to read in the ABOUT section.

All the rest of the useful information such as classes is in the AGENDA and if you want to read more about Personal Training, the P.T. section contains all the information you need to know.

Happy reading 🙂

And remember that whatever you do in life …. Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love your Life & Challenge Yourself!



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