Vitamins to keep healthy through the Winter

Winter is fast approaching – as I am sure you have all noticed.
And every year is the same, all the seasonal viruses make their appearance and get in-between you and your activities and daily lives. And because there is nothing worse than feeling under the weather all of the colder months of the year and not having any energy to do anything…


It is no rocket science, but eating healthy food is the first and easiest step to take. Put it this way, the less energy your body spends trying to digest and process the food you have eaten, the more energy it will have to fight off any viruses attempting to even come your way! Processed foods = your body cannot assimilate the food as it doesn’t recognise them = a hell of a hard digestion = extremely poor nutrition = waste of energy (+ waste of money, time, and in the long term, waste of health potential…)!

Vitamins and supplements will also help fight off the viruses and should be considered like your allies or secret weapons!

Vitamin C and Iron, both should be taken together. Vitamin C obviously well-known to boost immune system, but most importantly helps the absorption of iron by the body, which works against tiredness by oxygenating the blood and also forms antioxidants.

Vitamin A will give you strong bones and glowing skin, especially when your skin is facing cold temperatures. Same as Vitamin E, especially for dry skin, but nourrish it from the inside so it shows on the outside!

Calcium and Vitamin D, take them together as Vitamin D helps calcium absorption, which strengthen bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also great to boost your immune system, so combine it with Vitamin C for maximum effect and you will be ready to face anything that dares trying to infect you!

Omega 3s and Fish oils to keep your organs and mind healthy and increase mental focus

B Vitamins, great for converting carbs into energy and metabolize fats and proteins for fuel, so combining with iron, vitamin C and all of the above, your energy levels will be at top level!

Combine all of the above together on a daily basis along with a healthy diet and regular exercise and you are onto the winning combination that will make you go the full winter without suffering, but have plenty of energy to tackle (almost) anything instead!


And for those that I can hear say “spending more money on vitamins and supplements blablabla”… think about it, if you are fit and healthy all winter (which I can guarantee you will!), then no phoning in sick at work, your pay won’t be down… and eating healthy is not expensive either… bag of carrots in Aldis £0.39!!

Now I DARE you to try it and come to me at the end of the winter if you have HONESTLY and GENUINELY sticked to this 100% and still been suffering all winter from cold, flu and other winter bugs! Because it won’t happen! Your body reacts according to what you are feeding it. Tesco value batteries or Duracell ones in your remote control… which will last longer?! Same thing!