Here’s a bit about me, so you can understand me better and what I do what I do as a trainer. I always say having a PT requires to build up a relationship that works both way. By that I mean that you can relate to your trainer in what he/she has achieved and you know that by his/her experience, he/she knows where to take you training-wise because he/she has been there. And it is the same for the trainer, which is why I train people who are into running and fitness and people who want to lose weight because I can relate to them better, and I can really give 100% of myself and of my knowledge to them from my own past experience and achievements.

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So anyway, here’s my little story…

I bought my first  pair of trainers in November 2009, and went for my first run on the very same day. And it was not easy! I only did a couple of kilometers but I had to stop many times and I was hoping on the way that all the traffic lights would turn to red so that I could stop to catch my breath. Why I started running, I am not too sure.

When I was younger, I hated P.E. and especially when we had to do running. I hated it so much that when I was in high school, I convinced my teacher that running had a ‘release effect’ on my bladder, just so that I would be excused and would not have to run. It did work, and I must admit that I am still today slightly proud of it! (However, I must also mention that following my lack of ability to take part into P.E., my mother took me one day to have a bladder scan and kidneys scan as my doctor was determined to put a name and a reason to my ‘problem’. All scans came out perfectly normal -surprisingly- , and as it was nearing the end of my school years and never having to do PE in school ever again, nothing further happened.)

When I was at university, I was trying to keep fit by going to the gym, but at the time, my focus was more on counting the calories of the foods I was eating and then going on the treadmill or the cross-trainer until I would burn 500 calories. In other words, I never really got into it then.

But in November 2009, it was different, and that’s when it all started because I haven’t stopped since then. I went out every morning and slowly but surely pushed the distances and quickly got really addicted to it. Then it all escalated. In September 2011, I ran my first half marathon, followed by several other half marathon and shorter races. In May 2012, I took the lead of the University of South Wales’ Running Club (former Glam Uni). Five months later, I passed my leadership in running fitness certificate and started leading running groups for Rhondda Cynon Taff.

2012 was a great running year for me, I progressed loads and got my best ever half marathon time in Cardiff in 1hour 47 minutes, which is was a 50 minute improvement from my first ever half marathon the previous year! I was taking 5 different beginners running clubs each week and really enjoyed motivating people and helping them get fit.

In 2013, I qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer so I can now train people on a deeper level by offer personalized one to one training, nutrition advice and guidance. I also absolutely love teaching classes as they are always great and dynamic and I always put in the maximum effort to make sure everyone has a great time and an even better workout!

In 2014, I completed Snowdonia Marathon, and since then I have been planning my training for my first ultra marathon, from Brecon to Nantgarw in May 2015.

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When it comes to health and nutrition, it was already an important part of my life, as I am lucky enough to come from a family where I was taught from a young age the importance of what we feed our bodies with, and where food is considered to be the essence of well-being.

I strongly believe that real food and hard work are the only ways to achieve success at its full potential, and that any shake diets and other revolutionary ‘drop 1 stone in 3 days’ products are only commercial tricks to empty your bank account and damage your health.

Picture it this way. Your diet is like a race. It has a start line, a journey, a finish and a reward. If you take a shortcut, you are only cheating yourself. You might make it to the finish, but you are missing a whole part of the journey, mostly consisting of self-discovery and knowing your body, its limitations and abilities. What you would have achieved will not last or be acknowledged and your medal will be taken off you. Live life at its full potential, take the real journey! Then you earn what you achieve, your achievement will be yours and yours only and health will be your medal and reward. Be your own credit, don’t give it to someone else or to some organisation what will take it off you!

And if I may add one last thing as a golden rule to life

… Be Happy, Be Healthy, Love your Life, Challenge Yourself…



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