weight loss


Weight loss is tricky. There are so many things you can go wrong on. And the first one is probably focusing on seeing the weight drop too much and too quickly. Weight loss is a journey you are taking, with a starting point, a finish, and a whole journey in the middle. If you are not ready to recognise what lies between where you currently are and where you want to be, then you will not get anywhere. It is too easy to give up too soon, but the most important is that you believe in yourself truly, that you can and you will do it.

Weight loss comes with a change in your lifestyle, because whatever you currently do in terms of eating habits and exercise is making you fat, and in order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to ditch your old habits. You can’t expect either, that sticking to a diet programme for a few weeks, months, etc. that takes you to the weight you want to be, and then going back to your old eating habits, is going to work either. Because you will go back to where you were before.

Finally if I may speak my mind, weight loss should not be your main goal. Being a size 8 or having abs and low body fat is – to me –  a superficial goal. Instead, your goal should become the fittest and healthiest you can be. Because when you change your lifestyle habits and become fit and healthy, you will see changes physically, the weight will come off, your body weight will change, but you will also get to discover yourself in a deeper level and learn your own limitations, physically as well as mentally. You will also learn to push yourself where you never thought you could push yourself to before, and how strong you are, both physically and mentally, to push your own limitations. More than a journey to become a certain aesthetic, it should be a journey to self discovery. You were born with a body. Make the most of it!

Weight loss is like maths :

Calorie intake < Calories burnt =  weight loss

Calories intake > Calories burnt = weight gain

It is not about counting every single calorie that you consume and then having your eyes glued onto the calorie counter of the treadmill in the gym. In theory, it would work, but it would be the most boring, most demotivating way and less efficient way to do it. The key to weight loss, is to increase your metabolism, which means that even when you are not working out, your body burns more calories at a resting state. You also want to increase your lean muscle mass in your body, the denser in muscle fibers a muscle is, the more energy it needs to complete one movement. So that’s 4 things all together :

  1. healthy diet and controlled calorie intake
  2. boost metabolism
  3. increase lean muscle mass
  4. determination and motivation to embrace the journey ahead.




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