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There is one golden rule when it comes to what foods you should not be eating. If it is processed, industrially made or if it doesn’t look the same in your plate as it did before it was turned into food, then it is not good for your health.

As I have explained many times before, your body needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals for its functions to work optimally. These nutrients, vitamins and minerals can only be found in natural foods. When foods go through some industrial process, many things happen along the line and make them no longer healthy.


First of all, they have sugars added to them. The body doesn’t need sugar, it gets turned into fat and stored in the body when it doesn’t get used as energy. Not to mention bad for your teeth and it also messes up your sugar levels in the blood. Sugars cause diabetes and other illnesses. I will even go as far as saying that sugar is a drug. What happens when you go too long without food and sugar? You start feeling weak and dizzy. Why? Because your sugar levels have gone down in your blood. So what do you normally do? Have some sugar so you feel fine again. Simply an addiction.


Secondly, when you look at the list of ingredients from something that has been processed, the list of ingredients looks like a list of chemicals. All of which, have no nutritional value at all and no benefits for your health. And of course, ingredients that are in foods at the moment with no immediate health impact … in a couple of years will probably have consequences. Remember the GMO scandal?…

Thirdly, digestion happens with enzymes, co-enzymes, vitamins and minerals. All of these are essential to metabolize and absorb the food. Here again, it is pretty simple, if some components are not present, the digestion cannot happen the way it is meant to be and the food cannot be absorbed by the body and the nutrients taken to the body functions. Processed foods do not contain natural vitamins and minerals essential for digestion. The enzymes have sometimes been modified so don’t get recognized =  the connections between them all are not made = the digestion becomes a real hard process = the body does not get what it needs =  poor health and deficiencies in various nutrients and micronutrients = bodily functions become affected and cells are more prone to damage = the body and immune system cannot fight back = that’s how you bring yourself illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, cholesterol, some cancers  etc…. and not to mention that what cannot be recognized by the body get stored as fat in deep fat cells… and yes, I will go as far as saying that processed food is ‘eatable’ poison!