First of all, let’s clarify something. I am not on about some revolutionary “drop 2 stone in a week commercial diet”, or any weight-loss diet/impossible eating plan you can find anywhere.

No, diet means your eating habits in general, whether good or not so good. Your old eating habits, and your new eating habits, after you make the commitment to yourself to change your old diet for a healthier, better and more beneficial diet for yourself.

So what should you be eating



Basically it is all about quality, quantity and the key rule of “keep it natural and unprocessed”.

I explain. Quality of the food. Probably the most important. You want to eat foods of a good quality, foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, real good foods full of goodness. You want to start looking at the label of the products you buy to feed yourself and your family. If the label looks like a list of extra-complicated scientific names, put it back on the shelf. It might be cheap and you think you are getting value for your money, but in reality, you will be feeding yourself with unnatural, processed, indigestible but yet eatable foods that have no nutritional value and are totally lacking in what your body and your organs need.

Quantity of the foods you eat. Well, here again, it is pretty simple! It all depends on how much energy your body requires to keep you through your daily routine and activities. The more active you are, the more energy your body needs. BUT, back to point number1, good quality foods, nutritious foods, to keep your body on tip-top form and shape.

It is all very simple, give your body what it wants and what it needs and you will feel great, you will have plenty of energy and you will succeed in your activities, you will be in great health, great shape, you will look good on the outside and feel great on the inside.

If you eat cr*p, you will feel like cr*p, you will look like cr*p and it’s not going to happen. Your goals and dreams of becoming fitter, healthier, slimmer, whatever, it simply won’t happen. It’s a journey, same as a car journey. Imagine you have to go across the world, you have a car to take you there, but if you don’t look after your car and if you don’t give it the right petrol or diesel, it simply won’t take you there. Clear enough??! The human body is a very complex machine too. You only get one body in your life, treat it right and you have more chances to live long and healthy. Once it’s damaged, there’s no comeback.