Now one question I get asked frequently, protein shake or chocolate milk after a run?

My answer: protein shake all the way! My reasons:

1- All of the reasons in the previous protein page!

2- After a run, you need a mix of protein and carbohydrates. Proteins to rebuild your muscle fiber, and carbohydrates to refill your stocks as you would have used up all your energy if you don’t want to crash soon after. You have more protein in a shake than in chocolate milk and if you pick a protein that contains carbohydrates, you have the right combination of both.

3- Calories guideline, a cup of chocolate milk is around 200-300 calories and a protein drink 120-150 calories.

4- Not to mention the extra needed amino-acids and nutrients that your body needs, which you won’t find in the chocolate milk.

5- From a health point of view, the chocolate milk is higher in fats, processed sugars and other additives that your body does NOT need and that are bad for your health.

6- If you like the taste of chocolate milk, there are some pretty tasty whey protein supplements that taste just as nice as chocolate milk and even nicer!

7- The price, you don’t have to ruin yourself to afford to drink some protein supplement. 1kg bags of whey protein are available on the market at just over £12! Chocolate powder might be cheaper, but when you look at the health benefits comparing to whey protein, wouldn’t you pay the extra couple of £ to get what is best for your health?!

Remember quality is just as important as quantity – if not more – when it comes to your health! Train like an athlete, feed your body like an athlete too!

whey-protein-woman  man-drinking-whey