I am available for Personal Training sessions, Monday to Saturday. When you sign up for PT with me, I offer a free consultation at first, where I ask you to tell me more about your goals in details, what you like/dislike and what your health condition and lifestyle are like. Once I have all that information that I need, you will be undertaking a basic fitness test so I can evaluate your abilities, your general cardio fitness, as well as the strength in your lower body, upper body, and core area. I will then be writing down a training program personalised to you and targeting your needs, goals and expectations. This training programme is the one I will follow during our sessions.

When you start having PT sessions with me, I am expecting nothing less than 100% commitment and determination on your behalf. I do believe that having a personal trainer is more than just having sessions a couple of times a week or a month, but it is developing a relationship that works both ways. It is more than important that you trust your personal trainer to deliver what you are expecting, and in my opinion, the best way is to have a personal trainer who you can relate to, and someone who has previous personal experience in what you are looking to achieve. And it works exactly the same for me. I am specialising in running, general fitness, core strengthening, and weight loss. You will not receive anything less than 100% from me, during the sessions, but also support regarding nutrition, lifestyle and in whatever you are trying to achieve.

Sessions are either on a 1 to 1 basis, or you can train with a friend.

I also do small group training, from 2 to 4 people.

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