Terri K. –
Where do I start ….. 10 weeks ago I turned up to Pacific fitness and got introduced to this little French woman with a Welsh twang in her accent. Was I expecting this little French-Welsh girl to get me where I am today , was I heck I have been with a personal trainer before but fair to say Charlyne has pushed and pushed me to my limits . I learnt lessons on my journey , such as training on rubbish food doesn’t work, training on less food then you should intake doesn’t work and that when Charlyne means two more reps not to argue with her . She is always there to push me where needed and always finding ways to better her program such as my diet plan , work out plan . I started to do cardio outside the gym and she would send me positive messages and help me push through even when not training with her and even when she was out of the country. She is dedicated to her clients and when she went away she was there to provide support. In 10 weeks as hard as it is to look at that first picture I have lost 20lbs and have lost 7 cm on my waste , 7cm on my hips and 1cm on each arm . And as much as yes it’s my determination that gets me going I honestly can say without Charlyne drive , motivation , knowledge And friendship I would never have got theses results. Not Only am I on a journey of getting where I want to be, I have made a great friend in the process . I wouldn’t put a picture up of me if I didn’t think she didn’t deserve credit where it’s due , very hard for me to do as I’m still on my journey but I honestly think a huge shout out to this lady needs to be said. She turns up because it’s her passion and she wants to see you get results . Deadlifts are my new best friend , squats is my bums new best friend and 5 sets of 15 is still my enemy πŸ‘Š
Natalie D. –
Less than 4 weeks between the top row photos and the bottom row pics.
Nat made it to her sessions, she made it to spin, and she did stick to her diet. It was constant progress over the weeks and the results are there to show it.
It wasn’t easy and it was painful, but she never gave up cos she was determined and never used anything as an excuse for not coming!
David B. – 5 star
In all honesty, I wouldn’t have dropped 2 stone in weight and feel anywhere near as good about myself as I do now if it wasn’t for Charlyne. Her dedication to her profession is amazing and even when I train or run on my own, I still hear Charlyne egging me to keep going and to pick up the pace. I never entertained the idea of using a PT until I met Charlyne, and after my free session I was hooked. Not only do I get encouragement during our sessions, I get the odd text wishing me luck in any events I’m running in and is always the first to congratulate me on my finishing time. With Charlyne, it’s PT and then some and is a great spin instructor too.
So, if you have ever had doubts or concerns with using a PT, take it from me that you will NOT be disappointed with Charlyne’s services!
Katrina J. – 5 star
Charlyne is everything that you could wish for in a personal trainer! I’ve been into fitness my whole life, but struggled over the last two winters to maintain motivation. Charlyne kept me focused through carefully planned sessions, mixing it up between cardio and resistance. Not once did I head to the gym dreading a session. I looked forward to every training day! Charlyne knew exactly how to push me and that’s because she understands how to listen to her clients’ needs, first and foremost. Physically, it’s been a tough couple of years for me – between injury and medical treatment. But, Charlyne’s sessions really helped me to keep my body and mind in shape. Her dedication to her profession is faultless and without her challenges and encouragement, I would never have returned to running in May with the level of fitness that I needed to do my first half marathon, in the time that I had hoped for. Charlyne is a fantastic trainer and I was so fortunate that I found her!!!!
Ceri-Anne D. – 5 starΒ 
Charlyne is very committed to you as your personal trainer, she ensures she gives you the correct exercises and nutrition advice to enable you to achieve your personal goal and makes it fun to do.I would highly recommend this charming professional lady to all my friends and family.
Neil B-S. – 5 star
I have recently tried many different spin classes in many different gyms and I can confirm that the class taken by Charlyne is simply the best. The commitment and enthusiasm is second to none. If you are looking for a personal trainer you need look no further.
Anthony L. – 5 star
Charlyne is one of the most motivated person i have ever known .if your lucky enough to get a space with charlyne you will find that after a few sessions the difference in your fittness will be amazing so dont delay book a session with one of the best personal trainers i have ever known.
Toby B. – 5 star
Always helps others and motivates them to achieve their goals.

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